Sautéed Pork Tenderloin; O’Brian Potatoes — 8 Comments

  1. I agree the changing seasons are a difficult time to cook. However, I have never given up my love of simple!

  2. Katie – I so so understand! Our spring has been wet, windy and cold! I just did a post – about the odd day, and I do say odd, because it does not happen that often, thankfully, where I just do not want to cook. Lucky you, your hubbie cooks! I am the only cook in this house, it would be nice to share once in a while. And yes, sometimes simple is the best way to go!

  3. Spring is difficult, too, because only a few new veggies are available in the spring and the winter veggies are either boring by now or really tired. At least in the fall we have the last few precious tomatoes and the squashes are coming in…

  4. Kate, that’s an interesting question. Right now, I could care less to cook — but hadn’t thought about why until this post. I thought it was my workload at work!

  5. Mmmm, this is my kind of meal Kate. If you live in Canada you are conditioned to BBQ even in the winter. Pretty funny if you think about it with our gloves on, hoppin up and down to stay warm. Thank gooness for hot summer days and the grill!

  6. “Cooking in limbo” – LOVE that concept. Although I don’t love the way it feels to be in limbo. I totally know what you mean.
    Sometimes simple really is the only way to go and these chops sound delicious!

  7. The calendar says fresh veggies and grilling. The temperatures and precip are saying “soups and stews”. That’s this time of year. Well, I can’t grill anyway since I live in an apartment.
    I like this recipe a lot for those days when you don’t know what to cook. Just make something simple and tasty.
    I haven’t heard the term O’Brien potatoes since I was in college!

  8. Pam, I think I’m rediscovering it – and certainly appreciating it.
    Ina, I look forward to his grilling and he looks forward to it when it moves back to the kitchen. Works well.
    Zoomie, you are so right – before the asparagus and artichokes start there’s nothing – and then there’s another lag till summer.
    TikiPundit, could be the workload…. could be lack of interesting produce….
    Val, we never did in the winter in MN and don’t here, even though we could… I think he’s just not interested in doing it in the dark rain….
    Joanne, I just need a warm sunny day to shake me out of it….
    Rachel, see – that’s my problem, calender and weather not agreeing. I’ve always liked them (when I make them) so I guess I kept the name alive.