Spaghetti with Ginger Meatballs; how to get a free phone… the complicated way. — 14 Comments

  1. The meatballs are a lovely consolation. Unfortunately, phone companies are the same all over the world. I live in New York and have contracts with 3 separate companies, due to the bizarre logic of phone plans. While living in London, it took 3 trips and several weeks to get a single phone line. I should have made meatballs.

  2. Nothing is worse than dealing with these communications companies. I would rather eat your meatballs every night for a year and would happily do so if it meant I never had a phone problem again ! Bring them on, they look so droolworthy !

  3. Oh Katie, tell me this phone business is just an April Fools Day joke. :):):)
    Oh well, you wanted to live in France. 😉

  4. It’s nice to know it’s like this all over. I can’t begin to count the hours I’ve spent trying to get things straightened out with Verizon.

  5. The recipe looks wonderful, a must try.
    I used to spend hours on the phone with Nextel fixing problems with our company phones. At least I was being paid to be on hold!
    I don’t think there is a phone company that doesn’t have by our (meat)balls!

  6. My head hurts and eyes are rolling from the bureaucracy! Pass me a bowl of those delicious meatballs please.

  7. Oh my, just reading the whole thing made my head hurt! lol. What places make people GO through!! Well, let me just say this – your Spaghetti doesn’t look anywhere near that complicated and it looks delicious!

  8. Elle, that’s what I’m scared of – that I do something that will cause it all to go aways and 3 weeks to get it back LOL
    manningroad, and phones (and life) used to be so simple!
    brass frog, Yes, it’s my choice… sigh….. No joke!
    Pam, usually I just put my head in the sand and ignore it all. This was too tempting.
    Belinda, he was nice – hope he’s there (and still nice) when I go back.
    Val, well, that is always true 😉
    Ina, sometimes that method is truly madness.
    Thanks, Joy
    Tamara, we do love meatballs…
    Ellen, we have to pay to call the phone company – that’s why I go to the store ;-))
    Ruth, yes, it’s alive and well here….
    Shelby, the meatballs are much simpler than the phones LOL

  9. We love meatballs and meatloaf and love to experiment with different seasonings fresh ginger and a bit of soy sauce add a subtle Asian flavor to these but with the thick tomato sauce they still belong on spaghetti.