Turkey Broccoli Stir Fry; Happy Earth Day — 8 Comments

  1. I think the idea of giant portions in restaurants is a leftover from the post-WWII period when people rarely went out for dinner, so bringing home a nice doggy bag of high-end leftovers was a pleasure to be savored over two days. Nowadays, we as a country eat out a great deal more often, and it’s not such a rare pleasure any more. I agree – time for restaurants (and the rest of us) to start eating less.

  2. Zoomie, but I don’t remember big portions and doggie bags when I was growing up. My parents never brought food home from restaurants, and the ones I worked in when I was in school never gave out doggie bags. Maybe it was more of a regional thing. Now it’s everywhere… well, in the US anyway.

  3. I am famous in my family as I HATE WASTE incl all that food thrown out at restaurants. Doggie bags mostly banned here due to health regulations. Restaurants should have chooks to eat leftovers and compost bins and veggie gardens !!

  4. You make SUCH an excellent point! No one really needs to eat a half pound burger or 3/4 pound of pasta at one meal…and so much of the food ends up being thrown out! Portion control, portion control, portion control.

  5. I so agree with you ,portion control is always a big issue with health, more difficult when cooking for two. Will you be giving more hints on recipes designed for two??? Please Please I am so tired of leftovers for lunch. For many years I had to cook for a crowd and now I can’t seem to visualize what is the correct amount.

  6. I love your Earth Day suggestions! I definitely try to use up everything in the fridge before replenishing the stock, and I know what you mean about restaurant meals… I either try to eat it all or I definitely take home a doggy bag (most restaurants here in Louisville use reusable containers for this instead of styrofoam, so I just reuse them after I eat the leftovers!)

  7. manningroad, I hate doggie bags. I want to be served a reasonable amount of food and enjoy it then and there.I don’t want to be scraping it into something, putting it in my bag and hauling it home 😉
    Joanne, not sure which is worse – throwing it out or eating it LOL
    Diane, Done! All of my recipes are for two – happy I could help ;-)) It is hard to accept that some amounts are really going to be enough.
    Peggy, as a traveler in the US, rather than a resident, I hate it. I don’t have a place to put the doggie bag, I’d just rather have a smaller portion – hard to convince anyone, though LOL Sometimes I can get half orders.

  8. I agree, thanks for being concern to our surroundings and for reminding us what to do, you know if we want to be called a food waster why wont we just simply eat in our house, instead of buying or ordering why not be the chef, serve food, it is much better because we can calculate the exact amount of food to serve to prevent left over, waste money and etc, well I’m not saying that having a left over is a bad thing, well if you prefer to eat it again much better just be sure not to throw it on trash.