Warm Mediterranean Chicken Salad on Spinach; Spring — 8 Comments

  1. Delicious looking salad! I’m with you, warm weather can not come soon enough..we are in monsoons! We are drowning…they say there might be sunshine tomorrow, fingers are crossed!

  2. The salad sounds delicious. I hate the on again – off again nature of Spring, but I love it when it arrives for good.

  3. Wow does this ever look delicious what a great salad with these flavors they must be amazing together!

  4. There is nothing quite like grilling in your winter coat! Here’s to sunny warm days ahead. The recipe sounds wonderful.

  5. Val, neither the weather or me can figure out what season it is!
    Ina, this winter seems to have gone on forever!
    Kalyn, I so agree – once it warms up it’s my favorite time of year.
    Thanks, Claudia – it was rather tasty…
    Thanks, Joy!
    Ruth, with an umbrella…. The hubs does it in the barn.
    Belinda, lucky you! I love spinach salads of any kind.