Barbecued Sirloin Steak; The Annual Flood Run — 6 Comments

  1. What an amazing photo opportunity and how amazing for you Katie to have been part of that Flood Run since the early beginnings ! Have you ridden a Harley in it ???

  2. Pretty much ANYTHING on the grill is good eats! Hubby is partial to ribeyes, but I’ll take veggies, chicken, pork, whatever…..
    The steak photo looks amazing, Katie…just how we like ’em!

  3. Here on the other side of Wisconsin, it’s time for mud runs. I’ve never attended one, but it has something to do with racing old trucks in wet fields.
    Just the other day, I saw an old truck that had clearly been through a mud run.

  4. I’ve never been on a Harley – but I love seeing them come through. As to the Mud Runs…..

  5. That steak is just how I like it – nice and red. I grew up in Iowa where people know how to eat meat. I feel like on the East coast they are always overcooking steaks! Must be time for me to come back west.