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Couscous, Spinach and Green Bean Salad; Big Brother doesn’t care — 7 Comments

  1. That’s my type of salad – I could eat that all year round. And don’t worry, Australia is close on the heels of the US when is comes to being litigious to the nth degree !!

  2. Oh boy! What memories – night light/tea lights. So confusing. Funny – it took me a year to realize what “Bless your heart” down here in the South meant. Hmm….

  3. I married an Englishman many, many years ago, but we still have moments of misunderstanding when one of us uses `slang` not familiar to the other. Life is nothing but interesting!
    I love the looks of your gorgeous salad — perfect for a hot summer`s night when it`s too steamy to turn the oven on! Theresa