Grilled Lemon Shrimp; Going Abroad — 11 Comments

  1. My biggest regret has been that I didn’t take a photo of all the toilets I found myself in in Europe!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time with everyone.

  2. When we traveled throughout Europe in the 60’s… naive little New Zealanders. couldn’t get over the peeing on the side of the road. We were too prissy obviously. Now if course I couldn’t care less. Nice tale Katie

  3. Your post brought back fond(?) memories of a trip to China in the nineties,
    The ‘facilities’ consisted of a cement trough passing thru all the enclosures . I assume they were all flushed at once several times a day–the stink is not to be forgotten.

  4. This brought back so many travel memories. The most spot on was a three week trip to Germany in the early 80’s. Overall, toilet hygiene was not big on their list back then I guess. So after my first “hover, aim and pray” I got quite good and at the end had the thighs to prove it. Great exercise. Yeah and pantyhose don’t help!

  5. Remember when I saw these bathrooms in France, I was sooo impressed. Maybe Germany caught up in some cities but I doubt it. And Chinese public bathrooms are a real interesting experience, no privacy at all.

  6. My b-i-l loves taking photos of the various toilets (or lack thereof) we encounter…. even a movie of one with a self-cleaning seat!