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Grilled Salmon on Fresh Spinach; Where do Babies come from? — 7 Comments

  1. That is a GREAT story.
    And it emphasizes one of the benefits/challenges of traveling with kids when your mother tongue is English. On one hand, it’s usually possible to communicate. On the other hand, you have to assume that other people understand all your embarrassing exchanges with your kids – most of which are not nearly as charming as this one.

  2. Oh that is AWESOME. What a great story. The poor dad. I love that the diners chimed in – made it all the more horrifying (and funny). What great kids!

  3. Having raised three boys, I’ve been through my own interations of your wonderful story. I still cringe over the memories.
    Beautiful salmon-spinach dish! Welcome home!

  4. 7 and 10 and they didn’t already know? I think dad owed them an immediate explanation!
    The salad recipe sounds lovely, especially with the feta and herbs.