Ham and Poached Egg Salad; random thoughts & a rant — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoy the guests and the reunion – your lists will wait. 🙂 I’m a listmaker, too, so I know what you mean about the satisfaction of not forgetting and of crossing off the completed items.

  2. I too love lists. I like to put boxes beside each item and then as it’s done put a big check mark inside the box and say triumphantly “Check!!”. The only problem is that I invariably lose my list before I can check off the boxes.
    I loathe it when they “improve” things on software. Why do they think they know better than we do about how we want to arrange things on our desks?!
    Because you already announced that there would be no complaints about the salad, I’ll refrain from complaining about the runny yolk.

  3. I treat my lists like you do…but, I also have lists. I have gone through all that nonsense to just register a complaint and ended up thinking it is not that important. As for the salad…yes…..there is a great winner!!! Enjoy your company.

  4. Belinda, these darn computer things can get so frustrating!
    Zoomie, I just made the final list – we leave for the airport in an hour ;-))
    Elizabeth, I always think of you when I do a post about poached (or otherwise runny) eggs LOL
    manningroad, absolutely! Even if I don’t get it done, it’s on the list.
    Susan, and they have to be paper lists. Computer lists don’t count. Although I love the computer post-its…..