Savory Sautéed Potatoes; the update… such as it is


We moved into our new bedroom.

It was wonderful to be back in our very own water-bed again


I haven’t found all the bedroom stuff yet – so the shelves are still mostly empty.

On the other hand, I also haven’t found room for all the stuff that is unpacked, so I guess that evens things out.

We still need to resolve the dust issue – but we have to clean up the mess in the construction area first, which won’t happen until we quit for our holiday… A conundrum, but then, our life is a conundrum….

So, we were all settled in (sort of) for 4 whole days when….

See that little electrical box…

Okay, first, admire the bathroom.


Now, see that little electrical box above my linen cupboard?  By the lamp?

It’s cover is off because, for some unknown reason, the lights in the bathroom and the bedroom quit working yesterday.

Nowhere else; just those two rooms.

Thankfully, we’re not under any pressure to get work done, so mon mari can solve the problem at his leisure…. I mean, who needs lights?

Our main electrical box is in the barn – where it should be.

A secondary box, governing the upstairs wiring (I’m clueless about all this) is above the ceiling…. In the closet.

The same closet that I hung up my clothes in last week, only to have the rod pull out of the wall, collapsing everything, which mon mari then repaired and reinforced, allowing me to, once again, hang up my clothes.

This morning I had to empty the closet, so he could get at the box.

He spent the morning, testing and checking everything, getting more and more frustrated because nothing worked.

Then, for some reason, he tested his tester.

It didn’t work.

It had worked when he tested it before he started, but, somewhere along the way, it quit working.

So, after he fixed the tester he was able to start fixing the problem.

I spent the day being very, very quiet….

I will make him his favorite Savory Sautéed Potatoes for dinner….

The recipe, Savory Sautéed Potatoes, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Fried Potatoes with Peppers & Feta.

If you’re feeling more daring, you could fry this all in bacon fat…. or duck fat….

I’d better make these again!

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9 thoughts on “Savory Sautéed Potatoes; the update… such as it is”

  1. Let’s see, I have bacon and duck fat … one tonight, other tomorrow and then we’re off to Michigan for the resumption of construction 😉
    Actually, yours is really progressing beautifully.
    Yes, I can picture how quiet you were.

  2. Gorgeous rooms! I understand about being very quiet, and serving a delicious potato dish – I have done the very same thing in this house, when my husband was building a closure for some pipes. It was not a pretty sight…I quietly stayed out of the way, however, when all was said and done his workmanship was beautiful! We had roasted rosemary potatoes and yams with dinner that night! 🙂

  3. I agree with Dave; “spent the day very very quiet” made me laugh. You have made great progress and your bedroom looks so comfortable.

  4. Tanna, good luck – hope you have gorgeous weather (so you can be outside hahaha)
    Belinda, thanks, on all counts 😉
    Thanks, Homeowner
    manningroad, it’s so good to have a proper bedroom again, without junk everywhere.
    Ina, quiet and small….. very small…. Fortunately, it blows over quickly.
    Year on the Grill, well….. I’m not stupid 😀 He actually asked how long it took me to get the courage to tell him….
    Zoomie, we have! Stange, isn’t it. We’re both sleeping like logs.
    Penny, so glad we’re getting a break from all this for a while. It’s very comfy!

  5. You got to admit, the bedroom looks luxurious. It’s like a bedroom in a 5-star hotel. I got to give you a hand for your wonderful work on it. I especially love the huge timber on the ceiling and I have no idea on what its purpose is but hey, it looks cool. I guess you can hang some lights on it, haha. The recipe looks good too. Now I’m hungry.

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