Savory Sautéed Potatoes; the update… such as it is — 9 Comments

  1. Let’s see, I have bacon and duck fat … one tonight, other tomorrow and then we’re off to Michigan for the resumption of construction 😉
    Actually, yours is really progressing beautifully.
    Yes, I can picture how quiet you were.

  2. Gorgeous rooms! I understand about being very quiet, and serving a delicious potato dish – I have done the very same thing in this house, when my husband was building a closure for some pipes. It was not a pretty sight…I quietly stayed out of the way, however, when all was said and done his workmanship was beautiful! We had roasted rosemary potatoes and yams with dinner that night! 🙂

  3. I agree with Dave; “spent the day very very quiet” made me laugh. You have made great progress and your bedroom looks so comfortable.

  4. Tanna, good luck – hope you have gorgeous weather (so you can be outside hahaha)
    Belinda, thanks, on all counts 😉
    Thanks, Homeowner
    manningroad, it’s so good to have a proper bedroom again, without junk everywhere.
    Ina, quiet and small….. very small…. Fortunately, it blows over quickly.
    Year on the Grill, well….. I’m not stupid 😀 He actually asked how long it took me to get the courage to tell him….
    Zoomie, we have! Stange, isn’t it. We’re both sleeping like logs.
    Penny, so glad we’re getting a break from all this for a while. It’s very comfy!

  5. You got to admit, the bedroom looks luxurious. It’s like a bedroom in a 5-star hotel. I got to give you a hand for your wonderful work on it. I especially love the huge timber on the ceiling and I have no idea on what its purpose is but hey, it looks cool. I guess you can hang some lights on it, haha. The recipe looks good too. Now I’m hungry.