Sesame Brown Rice with Mangetout (Snow Peas); bunny report — 9 Comments

  1. Katie,
    You are so funny each year with your bunny wars. Of course, with me it’s the flea beetle and cabbage moth wars.
    To each his own.
    Have a great holiday.

  2. Am air-freighting the white cat over. He’ll take care of the rabbits. He’s taken care of everything else around here.

  3. There was a huge uproar when they kulled the bunnies here in my home town. Their little colony was gettinh quite large. There is still always rabbit stew:D

  4. I was going to suggest rabbit stew, too, but then I remembered that you will shortly be getting a puppy. I predict that will help enormously!

  5. A plague of baby bunnies! I find that image totally hilarious! (sorry, I know you’re frustrated)
    I don’t cook brown rice as often as I should. This looks great! A must try.

  6. The more I think about this, the more I think something is out of whack in your local ecology. What is inhibiting the predators that would normally thin the bunny ranks? Are foxes being poisoned, or maybe you need to encourage raptors in your area? Normally, Ma Nature would take care of this, even given rabbits’ reproduction rates. I don’t know what predators are normal in your area, but perhaps the local government extension office (If they have such in France) could help you to understand? Just a thought.

  7. brassfrog, I keep thinking of Monty Python….
    Belinda, yeah… They’re so cute!
    TikiPundit, will look out for cat… We used to have feral cats around here but they seem to have disappeared (don’t know why)
    Pam, that’s what I’ve heard – but our neighbor has 2….
    Val, they do seem to reproduce, well, like rabbits!
    Zoomie, yay – puppy in a month! There used to be a lot of fox around (or so I’m told). Even 3 years ago there was not a rabbit problem. We keep hoping the fox will hear about the good hunting here and come back. I see a few raptors – and a few fur piles so I know they get them. Farmers have a lot of power here, so if anyone can do anything it will be Jean-Jacques. We’re encouraged hunters. I think the farmer will be more industrious about it this year – he’s lost about 25% of his sunflowers.
    LouLou, it IS funny, and they ARE so darned cute…. Still….