The Herb Garden; Risotto with Asparagus and Spring Herbs — 10 Comments

  1. Very nice post. I agree about the mint, it seems to have taken over, wins the battle against the nettles and is bushing up into the alleys.

  2. 😉 ooooo herbs! I just picked my first basil leaves this morning! I also picked the first lush new growth on the rosemary this morning. Now I feel rich! Anytime I can pick fresh herbs – saving $$$$ from buying in the store – I feel very rich! That risotto looks so very good.

  3. Beautiful gardens, and risotto! I can not imagine cooking without fresh herbs. We had a hard winter this year, and my 5 1/2 foot Rosemary, took a beating! I cut back the dead wood, fingers crossed some of it will still be alive. Another 4-6 weeks before we will see Basil…can hardly wait!

  4. Lucy, I love mint – but always lose control of it… breaks out of the pot or something. I think I’ll plant it in the lawn and mow around it.
    Thanks Belinda… I do love my herb gardens.
    Tanna, no basil for me yet. Can’t plant it until we get back from Italy. The seedlings need to much care.
    Ina, I could never keep my rosemary when we lived in Minnesota….
    Betty, thanks! I did all the work myself and was rather proud of it… Hated to have to leave it (But it really was too big)
    Claire, but it’s so easy to cook yourself!
    Kate, that’s when I start using lots of sage – it seems to hang on til the bitter end….

  5. The Risotto with Asparagus and Spring Herbs looks and sounds great, I will give it a try. If you want to get a jump on the planting next year, or want to use fresh herbs year around,no matter your climate, try starting an indoor herb garden.