Asparagus, Ham and Cherry Tomato Quiche; the updates — 10 Comments

  1. OMG! So cute! And, as you said, butts & bellies. 🙂 I just cannot imagine what they will be like when they’re 120 pounds each.
    I have just GOT to try your brown rice crust. I am totally worthless with pastry so this sounds like something even I could handle. And now that the swiss chard is coming along, sounds like a prefect match for chard quiche on a brown rice crust.
    Glad you’re back. We all missed you.

  2. Oh my gosh! They’re adorable and a handful for sure! Your house will never be the same again and they will definitely provide many laughs. Lucky you with new puppies! Your dish looks great. It’s unlike any quiche I’ve ever seen and is definitely on my to do list! Good luck with the painting, etc!

  3. Ooooo another excellent idea for what to do with asparagus!! (I’m so thrilled. Asparagus season has arrived at last here.)
    Those dogs are too cute! And the house is looking beautiful.

  4. I love how you put this all together. Incredible. In my wanderings around the web it takes me a while to get back to people, but I actually wonder what’s going on with your renovations. Can’t imagine, but would love to experience.

  5. Meredith, thanks – big improvement!
    brassfrog, I finally got my garden planted so my chard is still a long way off. I can almost see them grow! Thanks – good to be back!
    Pam, they’re a handful! I don’t do pastry so this always works for me!
    Belinda, the 2 years it will take for them to grow up seems a long way off at the moment!
    manningroad, more butts and bellies coming up!
    Elizabeth, glad you finally got some asparagus! Ours is about done.
    Zoomie, that I am!
    Christine, thanks – on both counts (although I have nothing to do with either ;-))
    kellypea, glad you stop by from time to time…. I fully understand how the wandering goes…