Asparagus Gratin; puppies — 13 Comments

  1. Asparagus gratin… mmmmm…. we just cooked the last of the asparagus in the fridge on toast with goat’s cheese sauce. It looks like we may neeeeeed to get more asparagus.

  2. Katie,
    So cute!
    I think the asparagus is finished here and I got to the green market today too early to pick up any greens. Oh well, my garden chard and kale are just about big enough to harvest and I know that momma would love a swiss chard or kale gratin. Of course there are also those several pounds of garlic scapes to incorporate somehow…
    Good luck with the babies. 🙂

  3. Maybe, just maybe, these two puppies will chase those peskt rabbits out of the neighborhood?

  4. Mother Nature made puppies cute so people wouldn’t kill them for their antics. Always fun, and so adorable when sound asleep. 🙂

  5. Awe! This is why you need 2 puppies. They need to keep themselves company while running, playing and sleeping. So cute!

  6. Elizabeth, asparagus with goat cheese…. yum! I hate it when the season ends.
    brassfrog, my chard is only an inch high – goofing off in Italy! The puppies – yeah, cute…. what did I get myself in to?!
    Dave, yeah, comes to my mind as well…. I can’t believe how much they eat at their tender age.
    Meredith, at the moment they’d just want to play ;-))
    Zoomie, Pam, Joey – yeah, cute, definitely trouble on 8 paws.
    maningroad, Ina, Peggy – the gratin was delicious… puppies didn’t get any!
    Lannae, I think I would have more work with only one… At least, I tell myself that…