Asparagus Risotto with Summer Truffles — 14 Comments

  1. I really like the “just enough – but be generous” for the olive oil. It reminds me of the zillions of times I asked my mother how much water to put into the pastry. Her answer: “Some” and then after I asked how much is some, her second answer: “Just enough”
    The risotto looks wonderful! Of course it does.

  2. I can just imagine this conversation! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Italy, but I’ve had many similar conversations with French farmers at outdoor markets about how precisely to cook their wares. Lovely!

  3. Love those photos. I do hope I make it to Italy this year. I hope I hope! I studied Italian in school (ho studiato Italiano a scuola) but don’t remember much and I’m trying to practice so I can learn risotto recipes from Italian merchants!
    Risotto is one of my favorite things to make because of all of the fun things you can add to it. I’ve never made it with truffles though. I often find truffles to be a bit strong tasting. Whenever I see those funny-looking black lumps I think to myself, “Who was the first person to ever venture to eat something that looks like that?” 😉

  4. The truffles were not quite as expensive as the winter ones (or so I was told) and I really couldn’t resist…. but it was the conversation that was priceless and well worth it. And the looks on some of the family when they saw them (we EAT those things?)

  5. This post made me smile, not just from seeing the truffles but also from you recounting your conversation. I had a similar experience in Sardinia with a wine vendor. I had exhausted my repertoire of Italian phrases so we tried French (not good for me) and finally settled on Spanish. It was funny but I got a great bottle of wine out of it.
    This risotto is special. Wow!

  6. Lannae, they were wonderful – and such a treat!
    Claire, do you like big dogs? Or little puppies soon to be big dogs?
    Jean, when one is determined to have the conversation it all becomes possible…. I sometimes wonder at what I might have accidentally said though ;-))