Chevre, Pesto and Honey Tart — 9 Comments

  1. I would never have thought of combining pesto with honey! Chevre and honey yes.
    This sounds wonderful – and if you omitted the pesto and tomato, wouldn’t it make a fabulous dessert?
    (Love those puppy photos!)

  2. But they’re only puppies for a little while! And, and… the spotted belly! And the slightly worried look on Bonnie’s face! It would take a hard heart indeed to blame you for gushing a bit here and there about *puppies*.
    The tart recipe made my mouth water. Sounds delightful!

  3. Yeah, Yeah… Just keep using throw off lines and pretend it doesn’t make my heart skip a beat… “We had a lovely lunch at a sidewalk cafe in Bordeaux”
    And that’s a beautiful looking Tart

  4. Just like a foodie-have a wonderful lunch at the cafe and then make it at home! The salad sounds tasty and putting it in a phyllo cup is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Please keep the puppy stories coming along with the updates on the house and the good food!

  6. Meredith, Oh, that sounds wonderful – have to try making one….
    Elizabeth, oh, that would be a good dessert! Good salad, too, tho….
    Zoomie, okay ;-))
    Laurie, they are sooo cute! And growing fast.
    manningroad, okay, you twisted my arm ;-))
    Dave, thanks…. And it was a lovely sidewalk cafe… ;-))
    Tina, it was too far to go back for seconds. I HAD to….
    Mary, Done! (I’m so easy)