Emerald Soup; easy summer soups — 10 Comments

  1. I will save this post for when (if) our weather ever warms up! My favorite summer soup is one that my mother used to make and one that usually get’s a shudder from those who weren’t raised on it – jellied chicken soup. My mother would pick the carcass of a chicken we had roasted, simmer the bones with onion and celery and sometimes herbs until the bones fell apart and all the gelatine was rendered out of them, strain and chill, stirring in the picked meat as the gelling started to set. It was served cold and wiggly in clear soup cups, the kind with two handles. It is simply delicious but the gray “jello” is a turnoff to some. I still love it and make it for myself once or twice each summer.

  2. “Chilled soups need stronger flavoring than hot soups. Be generous with the herbs and spices.” Good tip, thanks, as we are into a rash of heat before our “monsoon” season starts in West Texas and chilled soups are on the menu. Along with popsicles, dogsicles, Husky hibernations under the A/C, and generally acting like vampires coming out only at nite.

  3. Love that green color! I have actually never made soup with spinach: after looking at that emerald plate, I will certainly do so.

  4. In the heat of the day I so wish I could have had a nice refreshing bowl of soup. Not a word usually associated with soup, but fitting none the less.

  5. This gorgeous emerald soup is very similar to a spinach soup I make in the winter…who knew it could be chilled? Thanks Katie!

  6. I’ve been eating “green soup” for weeks now. I had a bumper crop of spring greens, and they don’t keep so well even if you blanch and freeze — so I made soup and froze it. One onion, a couple of carrots, and some potato in a pot with chicken stock (salt pepper garlic etc). Cook until the potato is soft, then add greens – -lots and lots of greens. Cook until greens are done, then whiz with the immersion blender. I freeze it in quart jars, then either reheat or eat as a cold soup (yesterday’s lunch, cold green soup with half an avocado cut into pieces). Yum.

  7. Zoomie, I think it sounds wonderful…. Chicken Consomme….
    TikiPundit, we’ve had two hot days; puppies were not happy… and would love some of your monsoon, no rain. Chilled soup is great in the heat.
    Simona, I love spinach in soup – and salads, pasta, whatever…
    Belinda, make a big batch and keep in the fridge.
    Val, I love soup, any time…. cold is great (even when it’s not meant to be)
    Elle, it really works well chilled.
    Thanks, Dave – got to get to your new site to register… haven’t forgotten.
    I did that with all my late summer vegetables last year, and we had ‘cup of soup’ for lunch all winter long. Spring greens would be wonderful!