Grilled Trout with Lemon Thyme and Lemon — 10 Comments

  1. I am presuming fish sticks are what we call fish fingers here – whatever they are called I do recall giving them to the children as toddlers . I do wonder what exactly is in them though !

  2. You have further verified my belief that men are just incomprehensible. I unequivocally love trout so this looks good to me!

  3. Pam, lucky you – freshly caught local fish… yum!
    Zoomie, he is – and always changing….
    Belinda, well, he couldn’t – as it was his (spur of the moment) idea….
    manningroad, yes, they are the same as fish fingers. We don’t ask what’s in them (actually, it’s cod)
    Joanne, yes, that rather confirms it, doesn’t it LOL
    Val, that would be the absolute best – fresh, local….

  4. lmao, he loves fish sticks at the end got me. Your stuffed trout looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I am not sure I could get mine to eat a while trout as he is a bit squeamish to things that still look like the original – but I love it.

  5. Elizabeth, well, that’s what I say!
    Kita, he loves those things! I prefer the heads off, but after that I’m okay…

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