How Mr. Squeaky lost his tail…. — 6 Comments

  1. Awww so cute! Although honestly…I never even realized that mickey had a tail…

  2. OMG, they’re huge! They must have put on 5 pounds each since you got them. But oh so cute.

  3. Squeaker toys are a favorite with Cora, too, but we don’t give them to her – friends do. Luckily, what she enjoys most is removing the squeakers from the toys and then they don’t work so we have only a short time to be “serenaded” by well-meaning friends’ gestures.

  4. Joanne, he didn’t have it long….
    brassfrog, I can hardly pick them up any longer… They’re growing fast.
    Dave, cute…. I found it on the kitchen floor – clean, I might add….
    Zoomie, they really love to make it squeak.
    Kate, no one – thankfully