Spinach Salad with Pork, Potatoes and Mozzarella — 8 Comments

  1. I’d use a paper towel to clean up the pee and take that paper towel outside, stake it to the ground where you want them to go and praise enthusiastically when they pee out there. Dogs seem to need a nose cue as to where is appropriate.
    Another possibility is to crate them when they are inside and take them outside immediately once they wake up (which is when puppies normally pee) – big praise when they do it outside. Crates work well as even very young puppies will not soil if they can’t move away from it. The last time I had a puppy I used a crate and it worked remarkably well. Of course, you can’t leave them for hours on end when they are this young, but they will be fine for an hour or two. The ticket is to use a crate that is only slightly larger than the puppy. My father in law, who was handy like your mari is, made me a wooden puppy box with a wire mesh top and slotted sides with a partition so the partition could be moved incrementally as the puppy grew. One side of the box was hinged so when it was open, it served as a little ramp to let the puppy out. Then, I’d scoop her up and take her outside immediately upon waking.
    Good luck!

  2. Beautiful meal Katie. In terms of the puppies…that has me beat! Glad it is not me….but then they are so friggin cute I am jealous too! All I can say is good luck! 🙂

  3. Toilet training can be slow – I keep doors open and take puppy out every hour and watch it like a hawk in between time so you can heave it out the minute it starts to wee. You have to be constant and devoted to the cause !!!!

  4. Zoomie, I’m trying to avoid the crate – they grow so fast it’s hard to keep up. I keep them in the laundry room, which is small. They do well with the pooping part, but got off on the wrong track with the peeing. And it’s been raining ;-(( Thanks for the tips
    Ina, they are cute….
    manningroad, I think I’m expecting too much. They were perfect for the first 2 days and I thought it would last – foolish for such young pups.
    Tikipundit, thanks for the link – great info. I’ve picked up the rugs and beds they were using and am using the ‘diapers’ left from our old dogs – we have no newspaper. We’ll start the training over, from the beginning. So far, so good.

  5. I know that syndrome in puppies very well-they do nothing outside but just wait to come in and poop! Sounds like a good time to tell yourself to be patient. When they are no longer puppies you will miss their little cute mugs!
    Nice dinner-in spite of all the chaos.

  6. Tina, patience, yes…. From what I’ve read, they really can’t be expected to be able to control it until they’re 4 months…. and they are not quite 3. ;-))

  7. Oh, I love this salad! We use a ton of spinach in this house and are always looking for great things to team it up with.