Stuffed Zucchini wrapped in Ham; the update — 10 Comments

  1. I love it when I can tempt a reluctant appetite with something unexpected. Brava! The house looks great and the views are to die for. I’d *never* close the shutters, even to keep out the heat – it’s too pretty looking out.

  2. What a timely recipe! I have three giant zucchinis from a friend. Apparently they are spilling out his door and he can’t get rid of them. Like Tribbles.

  3. ahhhhhh, living the sweet life in southern France.
    Fabulous villa (with a new paint job), beautiful vista, really delicious looking food…

  4. What a great idea for zucchini! The house is looking gorgeous – I love shutters too, they make a house have more character.

  5. I’d probably eat a *brick* if you wrapped it in Parmesan and Prosciutto. 😉 Then again, I *like* zucchini. Husband is terrified of them. I’m not sure the cheese and ham/bacon would change his mind either.
    More for me! 😉

  6. Zoomie, it is a nice feeling, and he loved it.
    Katie, we always close them against the afternoon sun on hot days – have to!
    brassfrog, come visit – you paint, don’t you? Lay tile?
    Ina, they were good…. and thanks. It’s coming together.
    Val, he wasn’t fooled – he was happy, tho 😉
    Laurie, well…. yeah, me too. Too bad about the hubs – or lucky for you!