Tuna Barley Salad; the Weekly Menu Plan — 12 Comments

  1. What a wonderful idea. I’d MUCH rather have barley than pasta. This is as good an idea as the brown rice pie crust.

  2. brassfrog, thanks. My son is the ‘no potatoes’ guy – so I made lots of barley side dishes when he was here. He loved it all (as do I)

  3. KETCHUP! yuck, yuck, double yuck. can’t smell it, have my food anywhere near it. really horrible. I love barley too!

  4. Cantaloupe. I can’t abide cantaloupe. Nor am I even remotely thrilled about wieners. Brrrr. And eggs with runny yolks, but you already know about that….
    I have a brother-in-law who doesn’t like potatoes. And a sister who doesn’t like whipped cream. I can’t understand either of them.

  5. I don’t really love chocolate. I’ll eat it, but a dessert with chocolate would always be the last I would choose.

  6. Mushrooms, of any sort, cooked or raw. Olives, either black or green. Pickles. Raw tomatoes, especially the sad, pale, watery things they try to give you in the winter. (And in the summer, I far prefer a Roma type tomato if they are going to be raw. Cooked, I eat them like crazy.) Shrimp. Not a huge fan of whipped cream, but I can be polite about it. Spicy, spicy hot foods.
    At that, I’m not a particularly picky eater. Most vegetables, fruit, and meats are fair game. Pasta and bread are dear friends. I don’t have a taste for most runny cheeses, BUT I’m always willing to give a cheese that I don’t know the benefit of the doubt. 🙂 But the looks I get when it becomes obvious that I don’t eat some of the above things….oy!

  7. Dave, ah, the dreaded cucurbits…. does she eat the green monster? (zucchini)
    kirsten, KETCHUP?!?!? LOL
    Elizabeth, love cantaloup, like hot dogs, won’t eat anything called a ‘wiener’. Yes, I know about the yolks….
    manningroad, barley is good food.
    meredith, I can pass on milk chocolate… But dark? Just don’t stand between me and dark chocolate.
    Thanks, Liz, I’m actually starting to prefer it – lots more flavor.
    Laurie, I’m ambivalent about mushrooms and whipped cream, but my world would be a sadder place without fresh tomatoes and olives. I’m always having people trying to convince me to eat hot sauce….
    Belinda, it’s not just for soup 😉