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Wild Plum Clafoutis; the update — 13 Comments

  1. Love the color of the house – warm and inviting! I’ve been thinking of clafoutis, too, but keep getting sidetracked. I know where there is a similar tree here that no one is harvesting so the fruit falls in the street for gleaners like me.

  2. A very lovely recipe. Mirabelles are to be cherished; I’ve *only* had the preserves. Your villa is looking more and more grand. I’d opt for cleaning the stones, too, but perhaps another assessment can be made after that.

  3. It looks wonderful! Both the house and the clafoutis – mmmm, wild plums!
    I vote (if I get a vote) for NOT painting the trough. I love the way it looks against the house.

  4. I think that different materials require different colors. But even if the stones are painted, they should be cleaned first. Why not go for cleaning and then wait a month to see how you like it?

  5. Oh God I love clafoutis! I made one with cherries that I’m going to post soon… but the wild plum one looks great.

  6. The color is great! Glad Vern is doing a super job. When can we see the new puppies? Love, Nan

  7. Gorgeous home… love the new paint and I think I’m agreeing with your husband to leave the stones as they are. It makes a beautiful transition. As for the Clafoutis – looks delicious. Nothing is better than picking fresh fruit. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Zoomie, thanks – we’re very happy with it. Clafoutis is so easy – don’t know why I don’t make it more often.
    Susan, I couldn’t believe it when I found the tree. Lucky, indeed! I think we’re going to leave the stones – cleaned but not painted.
    Elizabeth, white I think – with flowers on it ;-))
    Tikipundit, I think that’s the plan… most people leave them natural.
    Emiglia, I’ve never made the traditional cherry – maybe next year!
    manningroad, just a little – they stepped in the paint for the trim ‘-))
    Ina, very lucky!
    Zoomie, some flowers and vines, maybe…
    Nan, he did a great job! It was so nice having him here! Puppies are posted, growing fast.
    Stacy, thanks! The stones stay as is (so far). Love eating the fruit right off the tree.