Barley with Tomatoes and Mozzarella; puppy update — 11 Comments

  1. Speckled puppy bellies! I love how they look as though they are saying huh? Us? We’re aren’t doing anything!

  2. Love the idea of mixing barley (love it too) with Caprese flavore…Yum! The puppies are darling and growing so much. It’s true that we have to be trained first but sounds like you have a good start.

  3. Oh – how adorable they are but double trouble, I’m sure !! I have always tried to train my dogs and one thing I can assure you of is there is no cure for their selective hearing !!

  4. Donna, that’s them – picture of innocence.
    Elle, I’m working on it… so are they ;-)) Always loved barley!
    Christine, cute, yes (they thank you) and growing like weeds – or puppies…. We have fun!
    Charlotte, after losing both of ours this winter, this is really a change…. No more calm evening walks watching the sunset LOL
    Jeanne, the last one – my favorite so far.
    Zoomie, are they just LOL
    manningroad, and they are so different – always together. I’m going to have to separate them (somehow) for training.

  5. I’ve GOT to put barley on the grocery list!
    That last photo of the puppies posing is hilarious. I think you should sign them up for syncronized swimming lessons.

  6. Elizabeth, don’t they just look like children showing off? Synchronized something…
    kitakata-san, thanks…. I’ll pass it on 😉