Creamy Cabbage Salad; Summer Side Salads — 6 Comments

  1. Seeing your salads makes me yearn for summer days. We are in the midst of gale force icy winds and the forecast is for them to continue all week !!!

  2. We have just recently rediscovered the wonders of cabbage salad and last night had one similar to yours – but made with red cabbage. Of course, your creamy cabbage salad looks wonderful.
    I love the look of that three bean salad too! I can’t wait til we start seeing decent green and yellow wax beans.

  3. Val, I love having salads in the fridge – great snacking, too!
    manningroad, Brrrr…. you have my sympathies….
    Tina, I love cabbage any way, but especially in salads.
    Elizabeth, I never think to use red cabbage in salads… foolish woman!

  4. We like using red cabbage because then the colour of the salad isn’t quite so luridly pink when we throw in a few beets as well.