Filet Mignon with Glazed Mushrooms; The Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. I like your (now) humorous take on what must have been a monumentally upsetting and stressful early marriage, and how you focus on two discrete events to sum up that time: a swimsuit and a chicken breast. Once again, where’s the book?
    My father unfailingly praised my mother’s cooking. Until the kids grew up & moved out, and they got divorced. His mother was a world-class cook in the US Southern style and would neither own a cookbook or (without much complaining) allow her recipes to be recorded by relatives.
    Where I live now, I struggle with the concepts of filet mignon and tenderloin, and am having a time of it getting them or tournedos or anything other than tornado-like windstorms here in the desert. But those glazed mushrooms! That’s happening, soon.

  2. The chicken breast incident and the swimsuit – the guy clearly was not a keeper! 🙂 I’m glad you are happier now.

  3. The things we endure “get it right”. I had “marriage 1A AND 1B” before settling down with Mr CC for 27 years. Funny story. I’m glad you wore the suit!
    I don’t cook or eat beef very often, but when I do a recipe such as what you offer here is just what I crave.

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  5. glad to hear you met your proper match (both in food and love)…I love mushrooms and worcestershire — a match truly made in heaven! Theresa

  6. Oh the memories! It is probably the steak that makes you not want to wear that bikini anymore. I don’t blame you though. I would have picked the suit for the party and then eaten all the steak I could. Hope summers have since been wonderful!

  7. TikiPundit, glazed mushrooms on ‘Hamburger Steak’ – perfect!
    Zoomie, glad I realized it quickly!
    Belinda, absolutely! We’ve both been remarried for 30 years!
    Christine, glad you got it right as well! We don’t eat a lot of beef, either. Too expensive to get a decent cut!
    Carole, I will do that – right now!
    manningroad, I know. Rice! And I eat so much of it… all flavors and styles.
    Island Vittles, sometimes it just takes a bit more effort to get it right.
    Emily, summers since have been wonderful…. and I don’t even remember why I ever thought we were a match in the first place.
    Janet, current husband will eat almost anything… as do I. A much better match. Steak was good!