Grilled Chicken and Yellow Tomato Salad; the update — 5 Comments

  1. Everything is really coming along Kate. Loving the sald and yellow tomatoes too. I can’t wait for local tomatoes from somewhere other than a greenhouse!

  2. Ongoing renovations are impressive as is that lemon vinegar ! Can’t wait for puppy update. Are you getting a Mr Ed for that basement stable ??

  3. The work looks great; your hubs really is talented, but so are you with that nice salad.
    Off to Seattle for a week with the daughter. Have a fun week.

  4. Val, I don’t even buy them… I just eat them like crazy in the summer and use my frozen in winter.
    manningroad, I think the puppies will be big enough!
    Brassfrog, have fun in Seattle – yes, he does good work!
    Ina, it’s so nice getting the outside done.