Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Herbs; kitchen gadgets — 13 Comments

  1. I too am a big fan of sharp knives (I loathe dull knives, having cut myself very badly with a dull paring knife) and have always wanted a mezzaluna but have been coerced into making do with one of our chef’s knives for finely chopping herbs and garlic (we have a couple of garlic presses, mortars and pestles and two small food processors, but rarely use them for crushing garlic).
    I think my absolute favourite kitchen gadget is (are??) the tin snips that we use to butterfly chickens for the barbecue. (photos here: )

  2. Chicken…my all time favorite on the grill. This looks SO good…as usual, Katie. I think we have chicken on the grill at least once a week, no matter what time of year!

  3. Wow! Those look wonderful and I love that they are packed with herbs! Grilled chicken is great but this way is amazing.

  4. After a forever of never having owned a quality knife I have recently been given a knife block as a gift – an expensive one too. I am soooooo lucky and I now dice everything at every opportunity !!

  5. ove the gadgets and love the chicken. Right now I want to go get to Williams and Sonoma for some vanilla paste.

  6. Delicious chicken Katie! Thanks for the tip….indirect heat with the lid closed! I must tell my DH, as we have had some over charred chicken. I would love to get my hands on a garlic crusher like yours – have never seen one like it!

  7. mm the chicken skin looks wonderfully crisp 😀 want to dive right in 🙂 good stuf

  8. Some people go over board with kitchen gadgets (ie donut maker, hot dog cooker, etc) so my purchases are very thought out.
    I love lemon chicken, but we always bake ours. However, your picture tells me that I really need to try grilling it-very crispy, Yum!

  9. What a comprehensive and engaging post. Simple flavors that need no adulteration – bravo!

  10. Elizabeth, I also have a designated chocolate hammer – from the local DIY. We don’t have chocolate chips. It also works great for chopping (sic) nuts.And mon mari has a needle-nose pliers for fish bones…
    Cindy, we have it a few times per week as well…. never tire of it.
    Thanks, Elle – I do rather like fresh herbs….
    anningroad, oh you ARE lucky! Have fun!
    Val, I always go to WS when I’m in US – don’t buy, but love to look (well, maybe buy something small….
    Ina, from my hubs, the expert griller
    Oleg, it was good – love crispy skin…
    Tina, I love the gadgets, but have learned I never use them, so finally quit buying…
    Thanks Viviane… and Stacy ;-))
    Kelly, I hope you like it!
    Kim, I’m glad you did, too!