Grilled Salmon with Chive Sauce; Training: husband or puppies? — 13 Comments

  1. Not that I’m not on your side in this – I am! – but it would have done no good to scold the puppy while it was peeing, nor to hustle it outside. The only part that seems to work is to be vigilant, as you are, to get them outside where they can pee on the world and you can praise the heck out of them ’til they “get it.”
    Men are funny, tho’. Their idea of “helping” isn’t very comprehensive, is it? My Beloved expects high praise for taking Cora out for the 15-second pee before bedtime – comes back in looking for my thanks. If they weren’t so cute, we wouldn’t put up with them for a minute. Am I talking about puppies here, or spouses?

  2. You might have to try the puppy training praise on your husband…
    I love all the sauces you make with yoghurt.

  3. This is a classic case of a child wanting a puppy but “mum” always ends up as the care giver. Grown up males seem really to be just tall children with the odd moment masquerading as an adult.

  4. Peter, thanks – and, no, one does not need the mayo…
    Ina, puppies are definitely easier!
    Zoomie, they’re both cute ;-)) To be fair – he helps by pointing out the messes… and sometimes he cleans-up.
    Meredith, now that’s a good idea!
    manningroad, I rather thought it would turn out this way… Somethings are predictable.

  5. You can’t call this beautifully cooked fish a punishment. He will probably feel rewarded for his lack of effort.

  6. I love salmon it looks fantastic….. Maybe next time Guapa will actually pee on his foot and then you can have a good laugh. 🙂

  7. This salmon looks wonderful,love the sauce.
    Regarding disposing of dog poo-you might want to get little doggie septic things to put in your yard so you can dispose of it. I know someone that breeds bull terriers and did not do that, but instead ended up with 2 big barrels of poo.

  8. Adora, well, yes, he rather did LOL…
    Christine, thanks!
    Susie, now THAT would be good!
    Janet, I love salmon, too – my favorite fish!
    German Mamma, fresh herbs go so well with grilled fish!
    Tina, fortunately, we have a big field behind our house….