Grilled Salmon with Chive Sauce; Training: husband or puppies?

Remember when we went to get our puppy and came home with two puppies?

Remember that it was mon mari who decided that we should have two puppies?

Remember how I just went along with it?

What the hell was I thinking!?!?!?

I should have taken the opportunity to get a signed document… kind of a 'puppy prenup', outlining his duties in the rearing of the little darlings.

I, foolishly, did nothing more than ask if he would help with the extra work.

I, foolishly, accepted his assurance that he would.

This is what he does:

Teaches them to beg by feeding them little bits of toast at breakfast.

Teaches them to catch food by tossing them little bits of cheese at lunch.

Teaches them that dog treats are in the upper cabinet in the pantry and that, if they jump, they can almost reach them.

This is what he doesn't do:

Feed them.

Give them water.

Do the daily 'poo-pi.jpgck-up' from the front lawn.

Let them in when they are outside and it starts to rain.

Let them out when they wake up from their frequent naps and need to pee.

Clean up the resulting pee on the floor when he ignores them. (Thankfully, that is a rare occurrence as I'm pretty vigilant – crazy, but I would like our puppies house-trained.)

Why, you may wonder, doesn't he do any of these things?

Because I'm here.

Why, you may wonder, does this come as a surprise to me?

It doesn't.

Why am I suddenly complaining?

Guapa just walked up to him (he's sitting at his computer), looked at him, and peed at his feet.

What did he do?

Absolutely nothing.

I'm reconsidering where I'm going to dispose of tomorrow morning's bucket of poo…..

I'm also increasing his dreaded 'fish-night' from one per week to two…. or more.

That'll show him!

Or not…. He rather liked this.

Grilled Salmon with Chive Sauce
Grilled Salmon with Chive Sauce

Chives add a mild onion flavor to sauces, add a snip of tarragon for a great, light sauce for fish.

2 salmon fillets, 6oz each (180gr each)
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1 tbs olive oil

Brush salmon with the oil, sprinkle with herbs and spices.
Cook on barbecue grill 10 – 12 minutes, depending on thickness.
He doesn't turn the salmon, but usually adds a handful of soaked wood chips – either directly on the coals or wrapped loosely in foil, with a few holes poked in. Keep the fish off of direct heat and the grill cover closed and vented or propped open an inch or so.

Chive Sauce

2 tbs snipped fresh chives
2 tsp snipped fresh tarragon
2 tsp white Balsamic vinegar
2 tsp Dijon-style mustard
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1 tbs salad olive oil

Mix all vinegar, mustard, yogurt and oil with a whisk.  Add herbs.

Now I have to take the puppies out….

13 thoughts on “Grilled Salmon with Chive Sauce; Training: husband or puppies?”

  1. Not that I’m not on your side in this – I am! – but it would have done no good to scold the puppy while it was peeing, nor to hustle it outside. The only part that seems to work is to be vigilant, as you are, to get them outside where they can pee on the world and you can praise the heck out of them ’til they “get it.”
    Men are funny, tho’. Their idea of “helping” isn’t very comprehensive, is it? My Beloved expects high praise for taking Cora out for the 15-second pee before bedtime – comes back in looking for my thanks. If they weren’t so cute, we wouldn’t put up with them for a minute. Am I talking about puppies here, or spouses?

  2. You might have to try the puppy training praise on your husband…
    I love all the sauces you make with yoghurt.

  3. This is a classic case of a child wanting a puppy but “mum” always ends up as the care giver. Grown up males seem really to be just tall children with the odd moment masquerading as an adult.

  4. Peter, thanks – and, no, one does not need the mayo…
    Ina, puppies are definitely easier!
    Zoomie, they’re both cute ;-)) To be fair – he helps by pointing out the messes… and sometimes he cleans-up.
    Meredith, now that’s a good idea!
    manningroad, I rather thought it would turn out this way… Somethings are predictable.

  5. You can’t call this beautifully cooked fish a punishment. He will probably feel rewarded for his lack of effort.

  6. I love salmon it looks fantastic….. Maybe next time Guapa will actually pee on his foot and then you can have a good laugh. 🙂

  7. This salmon looks wonderful,love the sauce.
    Regarding disposing of dog poo-you might want to get little doggie septic things to put in your yard so you can dispose of it. I know someone that breeds bull terriers and did not do that, but instead ended up with 2 big barrels of poo.

  8. Adora, well, yes, he rather did LOL…
    Christine, thanks!
    Susie, now THAT would be good!
    Janet, I love salmon, too – my favorite fish!
    German Mamma, fresh herbs go so well with grilled fish!
    Tina, fortunately, we have a big field behind our house….

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