Lettuce with Pork and Snow Peas, Ma’am? — 7 Comments

  1. Delicious – we must try pork tenderloin on the BBQ. Sometimes I do cringe when someone calls me Ma’am….I still feel too young to be called that…although I’m not. But you are right – at least it is more respectful.

  2. I’ve definitely had my moments when someone called me ma’am and I got a bit irked. Maybe I’ll rethink that next time…

  3. My favorite is the vegetable seller at my local farmer’s market. He’s Hispanic and he calls his customers “Amigo” or “Amiga” according to their gender. I find that charming, even though I’m not really his friend. It seems friendly without being familiar, if you see what I mean.

  4. Oh how I miss the standard politeness that is so much a part of living in France! Did have a hard time with tu and vous when first there but once I understood to use vous for everyone except children until asked to change to tu…I loved the order of it! Great recipe by the way!

  5. Katie, great post! I’ve run through the list of Ma’am, Mrs., Ms., Miss over the years and it seems like it really would be easier for everyone if we just had the two choices per your post. Simple, basic politeness that’s all. Thanks for the tenderloin recipe, I was just looking for something like that for the weekend. Perfect!

  6. I rather hate when people call me Kathleen or Kathy myself (given that that is NOT my name. I will never be a Kathy. Grrr). I have noticed this new thing of the sales associate trying to speak with you by your name, but you are right, its Ms or Mrs. ____ Not my first name – but maybe Im just too old fashioned!
    This dinner looks beautiful. I would have to throw rice in to please the BF but its delicious looking as a salad!

  7. Ina, I’ve always been happy with Ma’am – even in my early 20’s. I never considered it a reflection on my age or appearance. Miss is too familiar and too patronizing….
    Joanne, yes, rethink it…. – They really aren’t paying close attention to how you look :-))
    Zoomie, at a market it Spain some of the vendors called everyone ‘guapa’ And, for some reason, I don’t mind ‘deary’ if spoken by a sufficiently elderly person.
    KC, in French at least it’s a bit easier to use the ‘tu’ In Spanish is was a whole new word one had to learn! (I realize that written ‘tu’ is different, but spoken, it most often sounds like the 1st person)
    Christine, it would be easier on the speaker as well as getting rid of one more reason for people to get upset.
    Kita, I really hate that presumption! I often put rice or barley in salads, too.