Mediterranean Taco Salad; cherry tomatoes — 7 Comments

  1. Lovely salad Katie! I always freeze my tomatoes whole as well – too easy! Lucky you….your weather is so much better than ours! sigh.

  2. Pam, and so very easy!
    Ina, I won’t do the big ones, they take up too much room in the freezer. But these little ones are great!
    manningroad, yep, don’t even need to wash them as they’re peeled before using. Have a friend who does it every year.
    Zoomie, it does – just takes up more room than chopping them first, which is what I do (and peel them, too)
    kelly, thanks – I think so, too LOL

  3. Great accompaniment to a nice big, family-style Italian meal. Wonderful post – I’ll be back for more!