Pasta Salad with Ham and Artichokes; Deruta — 9 Comments

  1. I love Deruta pottery too. I grew up too close to the town not to love it. In my case, the limiting factor is the flight back. You are in much more danger than me: an empty car is easy to get. Very nice pasta salad!

  2. The pottery is gorgeous! I love the detail and colors of it. Your pasta looks delicious and perfect for this time of year with all the tasty flavors going on in it!

  3. Simona, the whole area is lovely. There is another pottery ‘town’ that I also want to go to in the area – when we go back 😉
    Pam, those are my favorite kitchen colors!
    manningroad, I do to… I want more!

  4. Elizabeth, I want more – I also love the lemons…
    Claire, ham and cheese are always a hit!
    Peggy, we – shopping was great fun – as was eating this…
    Kelly, thanks!