Pasta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes — 9 Comments

  1. Well you can’t very well be expected to stay on top of things with two cute puppies like those vying for your time, now can you!

  2. Wow, they are growing like crazy! What fun to watch the development! I like to “adapt” recipes, too, and even if I try to follow the recipe the first time, I almost always “tweak” it later.

  3. Oh, this sounds lovely. Wonder how it would go substituting barley for the pasta (my new favorite in salads, thanks to you Katie).
    Oh, those don’t look like puppies, they look like small horses. I’d find a nice little pony cart and harness them up. That would also tire them out and get some rest for you. 🙂

  4. Oh what a great recipe! I actually have a ton of freshly picked cherry tomatoes from the garden that I’ve been wanting to use 🙂 This might be the perfect dish!!

  5. The puppies have grown a lot! Our neighbours recently got a golden retriever, and it’s been fun looking him grow so quickly. Almost like our 6-month old baby boy 🙂
    And I’m definitely bookmarking the recipe – we’ll be having plenty of cherry tomatoes in a few weeks, all from our own greenhouse.

  6. Loulou, I really think it would be better without… The puppies thank you 😉
    Pam, we’re slowly establishing a schedule… they do like my attention, tho.
    Zoomie, they are growing fast… I do the same – usually first, but this time I decided to follow the recipe (sort of)
    Ina, they are, aren’t they ;-))
    brassfrog, a pony cart could be a good idea…. give them lots of exercise and me a break. I could read the puppy book while I ride.
    Kelly, once cherry tomatoes start producing, they seem to go a bit crazy… at least in my garden….
    Pille, Your baby is darling…. and lucky you to have a greenhouse!