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Puppies turn 4 – months — 13 Comments

  1. Here’s a thought – if your mari was willing to help you train puppies for those five minutes per day, you’d have two humans each working one puppy and he might learn something about the care of dogs?
    In my experience with big dogs, if you use the soft, wide collars as puppies, you will never need the “training” collar. What they learn as youngsters stays with them and harsher “corrections” are not necessary.

  2. P.S. As soon as I clicked the “Post” button, I realized that this is advice you didn’t ask for… sorry about that!

  3. The shelter where I volunteer neuters once the animal is 2 lbs. It’s not so much that they feel younger is better, but that they don’t adopt out animals that aren’t neutered. So the puppies and kittens are quite young.
    We’ve had dogs at the shelter with double dew claws and they only remove them if they are catching them on things and having trouble. My own dog has a deformed back foot with six toes, one is really just a flap of skin. Same with him–vet recommended removing some only if he started having problems with them.

  4. Zoomie, advice is always welcome… He’s not interested in training, only teasing and playing… but he could play with one while I work with the other… So, that’s a good idea! If I never need the training collar, that would be great.
    Christine, they’ll be big girls – 100 – 120 lbs (55 – 60 kilos)
    Donna, I think these girls weighed that at birth. At their 12 week check-up they weighed 30lbs.

  5. You know, he is undermining any training you’re doing. Why should positive reinforcement or “trading up” for desired behavior be something for them to strive for if they know they’re going to get it at the table anyway? There should only be treats for desired acts… that’s my two paws, anyway!

  6. Wow Katie – those dogs are getting big. Seriously, if you can rent the Dog Whisper on National Geographic video – it is a must see! He would have your dogs trained in no time…seriously…no time. The guy is phenomenal. I admire your patience…after raising four kids, umpteen nieces and nephews, one dog, 4 cats later….I think I will stick to my kitties and have some down time! 🙂

  7. Katie,
    What I love is that you have all this spare time for the dog training. Otherwise you’d be living the life of leisure, basking in the summer sun and drinking cool drinks. 😉

  8. One puppy, alone, will pay more attention to its human and be trained eventually.

  9. TikiPundit, I know, but I have to let him have his fun…. and he only does it at breakfast. The rest of the time they behave themselves.
    Ina, they’ll catch on eventually…. I hope…
    Brassfrog, yeah, right…. I try for 5 minutes each, twice a day…. try!
    manningroad, after taking the old girl out twice a night for a year I really need a break!
    house training, well, we have two, so I have to deal with it LOL
    kitikata-san, they are cute, aren’t they?!