Summer Pudding; nothing new — 6 Comments

  1. That summer pudding looks divine!
    As an Ami expat living in Germany I can empathize your feelings about the weather! Sweaters and scarves in July? That’s a first for this Texas girl! I’m afraid we’ve fast forwarded into the beginning of Fall already.

  2. How odd that it’s so cold there when it’s so hot here! This pudding looks delicious, though, no matter the weather!

  3. Can’t believe the weather in France! Sounds like San Fransisco in the summer! Here it is over 100F every day, nonstop! Love your charlotte of berries!

  4. Had an incredible berry summer pudding last night and I thought – I should make that – and now here is your recipe. Providence! Thank you!

  5. Stephanie, it’s a great pud! The weather has been miserable – but finally summer is here!
    Joanne, there really should be some way of sharing, shouldn’t there!
    tasteofbeirut, it’s been very strange.
    Christine, I love berries in any way!
    manningroad, you know… I think it would be perfect at Christmas here, too!