Tomato Salads and more tomato tips — 7 Comments

  1. sad because of the dry conditions here my tomatoes are not producing. I so look forward to trying your wonderful recipes .

  2. Lovely recipes. Can’t wait to try the Baked Tomatoes with Pesto. We’ve had a few ripen and are just poised for the glut.

  3. Wow! I love all the recipes on tomatoes. The goat cheese salad caught my attention. I have left over tomatoes and am looking for creative ways to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s that time of year…thanks for all the lovely suggestions for garden tomatoes. I blogged about gnarly-looking tomatoes a couple summers ago. It’s called cat facing – here’s a link to my post so you can learn more:
    Cat-Fried Green Tomatoes
    Beautiful presentation, especially the tomato cucumber salad.

  5. Zoomie, I’m so happy to have tomatoes – I wait all year!
    brassfrog, keep watering….
    Kerry, I love the tomato glut – not so much the zucchini and chard…
    Christine, thanks!
    Veronica, I do like having a variety of dishes… especially when I have so many…
    Liz, thanks for the link – I had no idea ;-))