A wee bit about Dairy — 8 Comments

  1. Actually, here in the Netherlands we DO have both sour cream and lo-fat sour cream. However, I tend to use creme fraiche all the time instead of the more expensive and not as yummy sour cream!

  2. Your blog always makes me hungry, even just after lunch. I don’t miss sour cream or cream cheese anymore. You can do so much with yogurt, crème fraîche or mascarpone…

  3. A great post… sigh, while cream cheese is everywhere, very difficult to find Crème fraiche anywhere. Greek yogurt is gaining ground, but is still different from original. Ah well, life in the (self proclaimed) breadbasket to the world, you would think we were more diverse

  4. Belinda, the first thing my doc asks each year is how much dairy am I eating….
    Susan, I don’t use lo-fat anything…. It’s been so long since I’ve tasted sour cream I can’t even remember it LOL
    Joey, our yogurt / dairy aisle is easily 10 times as long as one in the US… Dairy is important here… Love it!
    Meredith, there is something here like cream cheese – tartine? I recognize it when I see it but can never remember what’s called – you can tell I don’t use it often. Mascarpone, on the other hand… yum!
    Ina, I use Greek yogurt the most.
    Dave, you would be amazed at the yogurts available here… we even have a choice of ewe or cow milk…
    manningroad, I rarely use cream – but love creme fraiche…. whipped is lovely.