Chard Leaves stuffed with Rice and Sausage — 11 Comments

  1. I currently have lots of rainbow chard leaves and this looks like the perfect dish to make with them. Good tip to make the filling firm and to use lots of stock…I probably wouldn’t have thought of either.

  2. I’ve never used uncooked rice to stuff leaves — great idea, and it looks like it worked like a dream! Yum. Theresa

  3. Pam, and now it’s sunny and pleasant – even better!
    Ina, never had collard greens…
    Elle, it needed the stock to cook the rice. And save what’s left for soup…
    Ciaochowlinda, mine has just gone crazy – have to cut it back for new growth… Just can’t eat everything LOL
    Thanks, Kelly, we both loved it.
    Island Vittles, I never have before either. I was afraid it would expand too much, but it worked great.

  4. Oooh, this sounds tasty. And it sounds like a cross between something from Greece and something from China.

  5. TikiPundit, I cross all sorts of cuisines in my kitchen LOL
    Dave, they’re 2-bite size – for me, anyway…..