Grilled Chuck Steak; the update — 10 Comments

  1. Funny thing, Sweetie and I were just up off the second floor putting screws into the upstairs deck. Have stained the balusters but we have a long way to go before railings are up. Wish I had a puppy to join us when it is done. Your deck/balcony looks really, really nice!

  2. From whence does your “balcony” emerge? Either way, it looks like a wonderful improvement on the small balcony you removed. This almost rises to the level of “deck” rather than “balcony.” Have I told you I’m in love with your mari?

  3. I am salivating over my keyboard with this post. I have to admit – a marinade from scratch far surpasses any “what the heck is in this prepared crap anyway?” type of mix. I avoid those like the plague in my home. As well, am thinking of you both sitting on your balcony one day – glass of red wine – enjoying the sunset after a day of work!

  4. Elle, it is so nice to have it done. Good luck with yours!
    Zoomie, ah, yes, but a deck wouldn’t be very French…. I’ll tell him ;-))
    Ina, the chuck roast was delicious – if that’s what it was….
    Val, we get the most spectacular sunsets here, too.
    manningroad, nothing!
    Emily, we do have a fantastic view – one of the things that sold us on this house.
    My Italian – thanks!
    Kelly, thank you very much!
    FatCat Anna, those old marinade packets were horrid…. nothing but salt. Thanks. Sitting on the balcony, wine in hand, puppies at the feet (Yeah, right)