Herb and Garlic Potato Gratin; Time management — 10 Comments

  1. What a great intro to this recipe! I hadn’t imagined you as the “late” type since you’re so disciplined with your blogging. I am not very disciplined with my blogging, but you won’t catch me late to anything…maybe that’s why I never “shave off” enough time to blog these days…

  2. I am like that! Horribly so that even when I am early and all ready for an appointment way before I’m due I will manage to find something to do so that in the end I am late once again.
    My kids finally helped me in that they really hated it to be late (or in my opinion on the dot) for school and I even manage to come in for work early. In my personal life however…

  3. Your tale reminded me of the song about the “Time Study Man” from the “Pajama Game.” Nice little smile for the morning.

  4. Well, this is an insight into your soul. I had you as the organized and 10 minutes ahead type person. I now suspect we are about the same… organized yet 10 minutes behind.
    hmmm… just a terrific looking simple recipe. PerfecT!

  5. Katie: I must confess, I am an early girl. Early, early, early! I blame it on my oldest sister. When in kindergarten, it was her job to pick me up and walk me back home after school..(a mile away) One day she was late,very late,(although she denies this to this day) and in my five very young years, it felt like a lifetime. I was totally traumatized. To this day, I plan way, way, way, ahead…I so can not be late. Mercy! Glad you ended this post on a lovely, and as usual, mouth watering dish! 🙂

  6. I loved the Two Fat Ladies show. They also did marvelous things with game, such as venison and rabbit. This looks great!

  7. I’m catching up here. Been behind in my blog reading. I had you pictured as very organized. I am scattered – too many things rumbling around in my head at the same time to the point of accomplishing nothing. Love the potato recipe and your beautiful balcony.

  8. Betty, I always think I can do so much more than I really can….
    Baking Soda, occasionally I manage to be early…. Mon mari hates it when I’m late, so I DO try.
    Zoomie, always happy to make you smile…
    Dave, organized, yet 10 minutes late – I like that description
    Simona, I love lots of fresh herbs….
    Ina, I hate waiting… of course, it doesn’t seem to bother me to make other people wait. My bad….
    Gary, I love their recipes with venison
    Penny, always too many thoughts and too many projects… too little time.
    Val, YES!