Kebabs: Traditional Lamb; Turkey and Vegetable Kebabs

I was going to give you a brief primer on ‘kebabs’, the derivation of the word, differences between cultures, and so on.

But after reading the Wiki entry on the kebab (or kabob, kebap, kebav, kebap, kebabie….), which was concise. informative, fascinating and rather long, I’ll suggest, if you’re interested, check it out yourself.

Here are two bits…

A ‘kebab’, as we think of it, is normally a ‘shish kebab’, or meat and vegetables cooked on a skewer.

There is also a ‘doner kebab’ which is the tall spindles of roasted meat, slivered off and served, often in a pita, sometimes in a salad, sometimes in a pita with salad, and, mon mari’s favorite, in a pita with fries (stuffed in the pita).

Kebabs are, most traditionally, made with Lamb, and served with a yogurt sauce.

Lamb Kebabs
But they can also be made with Beef

Beef Kebabs

Or pork or chicken or seafood or tofu or, as in these, turkey.

I always cook the slower-cooking vegetables on separate skewers.  I know a lot of recipes suggest pre-cooking the vegetables, but we prefer to do it all on the grill.  We start the skewers with the onions, peppers and zucchini about 10 minutes before we do the skewers with the meat, mushrooms and tomatoes.

I marinated the turkey kebabs in teriyaki sauce and served them with Sesame Couscous and Peanut Sauce.

The recipe, Turkey & Vegetable Kebabs, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Teriyaki Turkey Kebabs.  

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5 thoughts on “Kebabs: Traditional Lamb; Turkey and Vegetable Kebabs”

  1. These look divine … even BEFORE I’ve had my breakfast! Another great thing we’ve skewered onto our kebabs is halloumi cheese. Alas, this is a cheese that we’ve been unable to source now that we’re living in France. You tried it? You FOUND it?! Best, Gee.

  2. brassfrog, it was….
    Zoomie, I much prefer that to pre-cooking the veg.
    Gee, they’d be good FOR breakfast. No, sorry, never found halloumi….
    Kelly, we cook everything on the grill in summer!

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