Mushroom Stuffed Chard Leaves, the update — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, sad to have to work so hard to demolish the balcony when it probably would have easily held you two plus both dogs! Still, Swiss chard bundles are compensation, aren’t they?

  2. I can hardly wait to see the house finished and painted! What a job and a half! We too have had an abundance of swiss chard – great idea to stuff the leaves!

  3. Oh my word – they don’t build ’em like the used to, huh?! Still, at least now you will get a balcony big enough to dine on a deux – never did see the point of a Juliet balcony! Love the recipe too – big fan of Swiss chard…

  4. The addition of lemon vinegar must add a great little spunkiness to this dish. Good luck with the continuing renovations!

  5. Val, I was really pleased with these…. and am liking chard a lot better now LOL
    Zoomie, he really tried to figure out how to save it… it was so tiny, though, only about 2 feet deep.
    manningroad, I may leave the chard in all winter!
    Ina, me too – glad to see, at least, the outside done.
    Jeanne, no, there really isn’t much use for them when they are so small. I’m starting to really love chard.
    Susan, we were going to paint it a darker shade, but, this being August, the house paint supplies are almost gone… so it will be the same color… We have it!
    Thanks, Kelly – we liked it!
    Vivian, I just found the lemon vinegar, and I love it… and Thanks!

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