My 7 Links

I've been tripping….

Down memory lane.

I've been tagged in a, most interesting, meme by Chez Loulou… 

According to her: This particular meme was created when Katie at TripBase was looking back over her blog archives and realized that "not all blog posts are created equal."

 Possibly a slight understatment.

The first problem with this particular meme is getting lost on that lane.

For some of us it's a long and winding road.


I'll get on with it, as best I can.

1. Most Beautiful: Rhubarb Yogurt Parfait

I was rather proud of this photo – and the color of the rhubarb sauce.  It's not always such a lovely pink.

Rhubarb Parfait

2. Most Popular:
    I had a difficult time with this one… I really don't know.  Two came to mind as I was meandering… One on Using and Freezing Zucchini with a recipe for Zucchini Gratin.

Courgette Gratin

  And one on Salad Dressings and Eating Real.

3. Most Controversial
    This one was easy.  It's the only time I've had people slam me in the comment section. Along with this lovely Potato and Chard Gratin

Chard Potato Gratin

I did a bit of commentary on the behavior of politicians.  It's true, I do not write a political blog…. but I was speaking about simple good behavior, not making any political statements. I did a similar post the next day, on Health Care… apparently all the people who promised to quit reading my blog did, because that didn't get near the flak, and it was more controversial. 

4. Most Helpful: My Guidelines on Cooking for Two
    With lots of recipe ideas…. 

5. Post that suprised me with it's success:
    I don't know if success would quite by the correct term, but the response I got on the  2 posts I did, so very close together last winter on the deaths of our 2 beloved dogs, Sedi and Emma, was completely unexpected, overwhelming, comforting and wonderful.

6. Post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved: 9 Sheep, a Parcel of Land and a New Woman

     Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be a food blog…. But, IMHO, that is the funniest post / funniest story I've ever written.  If you disagree, please tell me which one you think is funnier…..

7. Post I'm most proud of: Memorial Day: France and America
     Again, not a food post….
I wrote it, I know the story, but re-reading it still brought a tear to my eye.

And there you have it….

I'll probably change me mind tomorrow, but this was a lot of fun…. Plus some embarassing, albeit private, moments.

Now I get to pass it on to bloggers whose 7 Links I would be interested in reading:

Chris of Mele Cotte

Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen

Mimi of French Kitchen in America

Jeanne of Cook Sister

Lydia of The Perfect Pantry 

Yes, I can hear those thoughts about being tagged, but, really, this look back on old posts was fun, something I wouldn't normally take the time to do…. Bon Courage!


3 thoughts on “My 7 Links”

  1. God bless you Katie. Just when my house is about to disappear under a mound of Swiss chard and zucchini/summer squash, you post enough recipes to maybe work it away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    And I think the “9 sheep and a parcel of land…” is just a scream. Sorry I missed it the first time around.
    Great post. Thanks.

  2. The funniest post and the one that made me spit out my coffee was the bull and it’s big AH, it still comes to me at random moments and Piccaso appreciation has never been the same.

  3. Brassfrog, thanks… – glad you like the chard / squash recipes. One needs a lot this time of year.
    Cate, Oh… thanks – I’d forgotten that one 😉

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