My 7 Links — 3 Comments

  1. God bless you Katie. Just when my house is about to disappear under a mound of Swiss chard and zucchini/summer squash, you post enough recipes to maybe work it away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    And I think the “9 sheep and a parcel of land…” is just a scream. Sorry I missed it the first time around.
    Great post. Thanks.

  2. The funniest post and the one that made me spit out my coffee was the bull and it’s big AH, it still comes to me at random moments and Piccaso appreciation has never been the same.

  3. Brassfrog, thanks… – glad you like the chard / squash recipes. One needs a lot this time of year.
    Cate, Oh… thanks – I’d forgotten that one 😉