Pasta with Roasted Tomato Sauce; the update — 9 Comments

  1. I respectfully disagree: I like the look of that pasta dish, maybe because: 1. I like yellow tomatoes; 2. you used a pasta shape I like.

  2. Dave, it was a priority – but we had so much stuff we had to find places for – basically, get into place, it took awhile. Not to mention all the building supplies…. Everywhere….
    Simona, actually, I love yellow tomatoes, too and am using them much more than the red. I have white, also, that are delicious!
    Ina, it’s going to be wonderful!
    Zoomie, this is a first – and he did good!
    Val, now it’s really worth repeating!
    manningroad, I wish we could still get the bikkies! Andorra was very good about those sorts of things LOL

  3. seldom to I see recipe using yellow tomatoes for pasta. But this recipe is worthy it!
    Love the pasta that you used another thing cannot wait to see the finish product of the tidying project.

  4. chefblogdigest, they aren’t as classically pretty as the red, but they are less acidic and packed with flavor!