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Puppies, 20 weeks — 10 Comments

  1. So that’s what it is…self-cleaning. My dog does that too. She lies down a muddy mess and wakes up later, leaving a pile of dried mud in her wake.

  2. OMG! They’re adorable!!! Who could resist them? That’s great with the self-cleaning. I can’t remember what breed they are though??? How do you get anything done with them around, Katie? LOL!!! I’d be watching and “playing” with them all the time!

  3. My dog, as well. If I want to get the dead hair out of her coat, I have to brush – otherwise, dirt just drops off. Amazing. All of sudden, Bonnie’s feet look right for her size – no more “puppy feet” that show just how big they will get. Is that an optical illusion or has she already reached adult size (if not adult weight)?

  4. Meredith, it’s nice for the dogs… and sweeping is easier than brushing LOL
    Pam, they’re half Landseer Newfoundland and half Pyreneen Mastiff…. going to be small ;-))
    Zoomie, I would guess she’s not even half there yet….
    giz, you can come and puppy-sit….
    Ina, one fell out in my hand the other day – so cute, so tiny compared to the ones coming in…
    Tanna, it would be even better if they self-cleaned outside LOL
    manningroad, add in the dog hair, and once a day is almost not often enough…

  5. Baby teeth? Really?? Learn something new every days, as ours have been adult/old rescues. Though I do think that a Malamute with blood dripping down would be quite the deterrent to a thief!