Puppies and sunflowers — 9 Comments

  1. Hmmm, wonder if a temporary ramp (plank or somesuch?) might encourage the pups? Maybe a slightly easier route would make the difference? Alternatively a cheesy morsel is always utterly irresistible!

  2. Beautiful puppies. I can’t think what to do about the car except perhaps to wait for this particular lesson until they are old enough to jump in by themselves. Are you sad to see the sunflowers go each year?

  3. They are beauties!
    That’s funny about them not getting into the car, I thought all dogs loved to go for rides…ours just flies into the back when we open the car door. I don’t suppose you want to lay a hunk of roast beef on your back seat?

  4. Gee, they wouldn’t set a paw on a ramp. Tried steps – no luck. Tried treats…. Finally, the hubs picked them up, one at a time, (heavy) and put them in when I was inside. I hung on until they calmed down. We’ll do that everyday until they’re used to it. Then we’ll turn the engine on…..
    Jann, thanks ;-))
    Zoomie, I can’t wait – they’re scheduled to be spayed in a few weeks and I don’t want THAT to be their next car ride LOL
    manningroad, it’s the car they’re afraid of. I think it goes back to their trip to our house – it was 6 hours, 3 on mountain roads. They’ve never gotten over it.
    Meredith, my other dogs couldn’t be kept OUT of the cars…. They’ll come around – I hope!
    Dave, I’ve sat in the back with bacon treats – they won’t get in. Today we made some progress – I think…. I hope… They’re going to be much to heavy to lift soon.