Puppy report

The teething hasn't caused them to slack off on any playtime.

We haven't been able to determine who is going to be second in command. (I'm Alpha, of course…)  I'm pretty sure, in normal pack hierarchy, every dog has their place.


When they play they seem to take turns…..


First one attacks and is on top, snarling and barking and nipping….


Then they flip around and the other is the aggressor.

Guapa seems to defer to Bonnie, though, more than the other way around.

I know that I have to stay out of it, and let them sort it out.

As a human, I want them to be equal; but as dogs I'm pretty sure a hierarchy needs to be established.

Training has been going…. tolerably well.  I introduced the 'down' command this week.  They haven't caught on.  My biggest problem is getting them back to a 'sit'.

Guapa looks at me, totally confused (I was just sitting, you made me lie down, and now you want me to sit?  Make up your mind!)

Bonnie rolls over for a belly rub.

I still haven't managed to cut more than toenail at a time.

They're still soft and cuddly.

3 thoughts on “Puppy report”

  1. My money’s on Bonnie to be their “leader.” She just has that look. Guapa seems more laid back. It will be interesting to see if I’m correct.

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