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Ratatouille, a summer classic — 7 Comments

  1. My 4 year old Nephew and 7 and 6 year old nieces begged me to teach them to cook ratatouille (fresh from the Disney film). We did… they loved it (I did sweeten up the sauce a bit to make it a tad more kid friendly).
    The dish got a great press agent a few years ago

  2. I do stove top and oven bake versions – I love the versatility – leftovers can go into soup or with pasta or on rice or added to a warm salad or on toast even !!

  3. Katie,
    Thank goodness for you and your ideas. I realized this morning, after visiting my local (green) market, I realized that between my garden and what I bought, I had the perfect makings for ratatouille.
    Your recipe is pretty much mine, just more organized. The only difference is that I also add a large handful of oil-cured olives.
    Most important, I made it and the one who works in the family pronounced it very acceptable.

  4. Dave, glad they liked it – but I’ve never changed recipes for kids. They can have very sophisticated palates ;-))
    manningroad, I wish I had more room in my freezer…..
    Vivian, as manningroad says, you can serve it over anything and everything.
    Brassfrog, glad to be of service – and glad she was pleased ;-)) Love the addition of olives. Next time!

  5. I can’t imagine cooking ratatouille with canola oil??? It’s Mediterranean for heaven’s sake! Olive oil is an essential ingredient. My method is fairly similar to yours (I follow Julia Child’s impeccable recipe) except that I finish cooking uncovered, because most of the watery juices should evaporate to leave a richly flavoured sauce. It is gorgeous when properly done.