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Salade en Gelée; the update — 12 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Fantastic patio/balcony.
    Are you sure you’re not from Utah? Or is it Minnesota, or is that Spam. 🙂
    Interesting jello salad.
    Enjoy the balcony, and the kindle.

  2. Very nice. Fits well with the look of the house. View from table is unbeatable! I bet you and Mr Kindle will have many happy hours out there.

  3. Oh the house is do glorious !! I am unsure if I could eat the gelatin thingy though – aspic has never really been one of those things I have wanted to make or eat. Gelatin is made from horses hooves too I think – not good to know !!

  4. Oh my wow Katie! LOVE that balcony! Fabulous!
    And jello salad … you really pulled it up with this one. That looks excellent even if fussy.
    I’ll be dreaming your “room at the end of the hall.”

  5. Wonderful balcony (ever considered serenades?) love the candle thing on the wall!
    Jello salad? ah non merci, although I have to admit that it looks better sliced than whole..

  6. Whooohoooooooooooo! The house looks beautiful!!
    We were just reading about making jellied rich chicken stock to serve in little cubes on toast. And thinking it sounded awfully good. I must say that your jellied salad made with gelatine looks awfully good too. And perfect for a hot steamy August evening. But to be truly retro, shouldn’t you have included some miniature marshmallows?
    (What are you reading on your kindle?)

  7. brassfrog, it’s Minnesota…. I SAID it was retro… Balcony and Kindle are both great!
    Ina, thanks, yeah, they were popular…
    Zoomie, it just seems so different, even just with the doors open… Love it.
    TikiPundit, the puppies like sitting out there and watching the bunnies in the evening….
    manningroad, I doubt I’ll do it again…. but it was fun.
    Tanna, do they still make Jello? I’ll have to check next time I’m there….
    Baking Soda, we’ve had that candle tree forever…. so nice to have it up and usable again.
    Elizabeth, mini marshmallows…. never did like those ;-)) There are about 1,000,000 to chose from, all the old classics. I finally stopped downloading and started reading.