Stuffed Peppers, Med-style — 6 Comments

  1. I really need one of those peppers.
    My time management problem is I NEVER allow enough time to do anything or get anywhere. I life in a dream state where I think I can slow everything else down I guess.
    I need a couple of puppies too.

  2. I know I try to do too much but that never stops me doing more which means I am always tired from pushing myself to do all the things I want to do plus going to work plus all those endless/mindless home duties. I think we are all our own worst enemies !! A lot of tail chasing goes on at manningroad !!

  3. lovely take on stuffed-peppers. I think I like the combo of meat and cous cous… wonder if I can find that quality here in Sweden.

  4. Oh dear, PhotoShop batch actions can be your new BFF. Or Aperture, or Lightroom, I hear. Just line up the portrait and landscape photos in separate folders first. OTOH, I’d rather be making Mediterranean-style Stuffed Peppers than setting up some silly software.

  5. Tanna, I keep hoping the rest of the world will take a day off and let me catch up.
    manningroad, a lot of tail-chasing goes on here, too – by all of us ;-))
    Val, the couscous was a bit of a last minute effort to thicken it all up – I was most pleased.
    My Italian, couscous is really big here in France….probably the Moroccan connection…. Good luck!
    TikiPundit, don’t even talk to me about PhotoShop – before I can process them I have to toss out the hundreds of ‘extras’ ’cause I take too many in the first place…